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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finally finished with the majority of my work for class. I've got more to do this week, but I'm not being bombarded anymore. Tomorrow I will more than likely begin working on the first chapter of the next book in The Steam Runner: The Clockwork Archer. I'm very excited. I'm supposed to see the pencil work for the cover from my artist sometime this week. We already planned out the basic design when he was in the area. I can't wait to show you guys. But, I'm not really sure how soon that will be. I'll keep you posted.

I already have an outline done. I plan on it being ten or more chapters, just like the last book was. I've also got plans to explain a little bit about why Tes had the poketwatch, for those of you have been keeping up with the book on the website, or those of you who have read the whole first book through purchasing it. For a while there I wasn't sure. I had some ideas, but now it's all concrete. It'll likely take a few books before it's all revealed. But then, I have no idea how long this series might be. Perhaps 15 books, perhaps 30. Who knows. I do know one thing I'm big on continuity. I generally hate it when you can read or watch something and tell they came up with it on the fly and it just doesn't fit, or it contradicts what the writer has already written. I can promise I won't do that; too much of a stickler over the notion.

Fanfiction is almost done entirely. I finished one work and now I've just got two left. One is a collaboration and the other is just me working on it. I have to finish them both. I dislike being sombody who doesn't finish stuff, although it has happened from time to time. (I'm working on it.)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the blog post. Keep up with me on my online accounts like facebook and twitter. Or, you know, my website.


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