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Interview: Serfina MacBride from The Serafina Series

Friday, January 23, 2015

I decided I wanted to do something a little different with my blog series last year. It was sometime before Christmas and I was taking a class on publishing. One of the goals of the class was to learn how to market yourself better as a writer. A few ideas were passed around, but there was this one about interviewing authors. And it's a brilliant thought, but I wondered how I could do it differently—add my own twist. (Is that a writer pun? Plot pun... anyone?) Because, speaking honestly, a lot of writer blogs already do author interviews. There’s a ton of competition to be seen. So, an idea hit me.

And thus, I give you.... CHARACTER INTERVIEWS!

Thankfully, Mrs. Marie Treanor was kind enough to allow me to interview her character Serafina MacBride for my first. (You are AWESOME!)

But who is Serafina MacBride and what does she do, you ask? For those of you not familiar with the Serafina series—one I'm obsessed with (mildly… I lie, it’s probably worse)—Serafina is a physic who runs a motley crew of investigators in modern Edinburgh, Scotland. Her goal is to root out paranormal disturbances and (hopefully) talk them into resting peace for good so they quit harassing their tenants and scaring the kiddies.

When you start reading the first book you find yourself in the middle of the action; that is to say, you don’t start at Serafina’s beginning: she already has her motley crew, her business, and all the crazy that goes with it. You learn about her life, the mysteries of it, through the course of the series with her friends and team doing their many adventures. And adventure they have—in troves.

Mute vampires, cyber ghosts, and zombies—oh my! Let’s not forget The Founder—the creator of all vampires. And then there’s magic and not-so-small leprechauns.

Treanor is really brilliant at weaving the action into her stories; it keeps me coming back for more. I love a good romance mixed with action, and I really enjoy a story with some punch-packing gals who aren’t afraid to be who they are. The best part is she takes an old creepy archetype monster and makes her own twist. Mute vampires are just the cusp of it, not the end.

But, I could go on forever about why you should read this series if you aren’t already. So, without further ado, I give you an interview with Serafina MacBride. Enjoy.


Me: It’s took up until the freeing of Adam (in book two) for you to admit you loved Blair, and, it wasn’t until the appearance of the Tuatha de Danann (in book 3) that Blair admitted feelings of love for you through the connection you share with him telepathically (even if they weren’t spoken, but felt). I can’t imagine it’s easy being with a vampire; there’s so much about it that’s not like having an intimate relationship with a human man or woman. For instance, unlike Linnie, you won’t live forever—Blair will. You also have to face the unwanted feelings jealousy when he feeds from other human women. How do you cope with it, loving him like you do?

Sera: Damn, do we have to talk about feelings? I’ll just say that having Blair is so much better than NOT having Blair J. He’s just so much MORE than anyone else, more than anyone I ever imagined I’d have in my life. As for the other women, they’re food. So am I, of course, but I’m food with attitude, and I know I’m dessert :).

Me:The Founder has been a looming (possible) problem for everyone, most especially Blair and yourself. Do you imagine that he’s a malevolent, benevolent, or neutral being?

Sera: Whichever, he’s definitely a SCARY being! He may have helped us – or seemed to – a couple of times, but I’m not sure I’d trust him to be benevolent. The only thing anyone seems to know about him is his power. All the vampires are afraid of him, even Blair, and, I suspect, Ailis, Blair’s maker who’s the Founder’s own “daughter”.

Me: Taking the last question into account, what clues we as readers have been given are slim at best about him; at times… he almost seems a little chaotic. Knowing that, what intentions do you imagine he might have for Mel?

Sera: I wouldn’t say he’s chaotic – I suspect he always has a good reason for what he does. We just have no idea what his reasons are! Mel is fascinated by him – well, by the idea of him, since that’s all she has. Mind you, he has spoken to her, if only to ward her off, but I sincerely hope he has no intentions for her at all! She just has to leave off studying him. If she can.

Me: What we know about your mother is limited. I’ll admit that I’m saddened that you can’t connect with her because you ‘knew’/love her. If you could speak to her… what would ask her?

Sera: You mean, apart from what the hell she saw in my father? Actually, I don’t think I’d ask her anything. I’d just like to be with her.

Me: Are there things you want to know that only she (Rebecca) could answer?

Sera: No, not now. I have no interest in my father after what he did, and the rest of my family, if I have any, let me go into care without so much as a Christmas card. I think Melanie would have more questions than I do – being a witch like Rebecca :).

Me: Taking the latter two questions into account, it’s natural to assume your mother didn’t have any other family that could take you in when she died. Do you think you might ever search for that family, if for no other reason than to learn more about your past?

Sera: No. When I was a kid I would have done anything to belong to a family. Now I have my own family at Serafina’s, and I have Blair. My future is exciting; I don’t care about my past anymore.

Me: You’ve known Jilly since you were kid, but it’s never clearly stated how you two met or became friends. How did that happen?

Sera: We met at Primary School when I was with my second foster family. We were in the same class. At break, everyone decided to pick on the new girl, but even then, I never backed down. Jilly laughed at one of my witty comebacks, and thumped the class bully who was going to pull my hair or something. I realized she was an outsider too, and we began to stick together. I liked Jilly. She was funny, prickly, and despite problems no kid should ever have, not scared of anyone, adult or child. She never lied. If she didn’t want to talk about something, she just told you so. 

Me: Also, despite moving from one foster home to another, how did you keep the friendship with Jilly going?

Sera: Well, we lost touch for about a year when we were about eleven, when I changed foster homes again. But then we ended up at the same High School for a while, and after that, wherever I went, we stayed in touch by phone until Jilly got her first job, and we shared a flat together for a while.

Me: I think when readers get into stories about vampires with human lovers the big question that always seems to hang in the back of their mind is: will they sire them? I’m not certain how I would take it personally, but I don’t think this interview would be complete without asking: Would you let Blair sire you so that you could be with him always?

Sera: That would be far in the future, if at all. I have too many things to do as a human right now and we’re both enjoying the present too much to dwell on the future. We have time. To be honest, the immortality thing is much harder for him. It’s one reason vampires and humans didn’t – and shouldn’t really – get involved. But it’s too late for Blair and me now.

Me: Finally, your last adventure was just released. It’s the last story wherein we learn about The Founder. Is there anything you can tell us, your fans, about what to expect?

Sera: Well, the Founder does come out of the shadows, for a little at least, and he turns out to be quite a surprising being! With a lot of enemies – including actual werewolves! And friends he never knew he had. But it won’t be the last story. There’s already more stuff going on with us, and I’d also like you to know about our first case, in the very early days of Serafina’s, before I met Blair…:)


So, that's it, folks. If you want to know more about Serafina's adventures be sure to catch up with Treanor on Facebook. To get the newsest book wander on over to Amazon. I know I will. Like. Now. Also, before I run off, be sure to check out a contest being run in celebration of the release here. You could win 25 buckeroos in amazon gift card munnies.

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